The Do’s And Don’ts

The Do’s

  • Keep it clean – whenever dirt, grime, bird droppings start collecting, it is best to wash it off as soon as possible. 
  • Remove as much dirt and dust as possible by spraying it with water, then clean with a mild soapy solution (Dawn or Baby shampoo is recommended)
  • Test ALL cleaning products on a small area before using it on a larger area.
  • Rinse thoroughly with water immediately after the use of cleaning products. Avoid water spotting by drying with a microfiber cloth.
  • Maintain the wrap’s finish by using a waterless wash or spray wax. If you have your vehicle detailed, make sure the wax used is safe on vinyl graphics.
  • Have the wrap removed once you see the first signs of sun damage. If left for too long, the paint may be affected making it harder to remove the vinyl.

Keeping these steps in mind when maintaining your wrap will help with the longevity of your wrap.

The Don’ts

  • Do not allow corrosive substances (like fuel) to remain in contact with the vinyl. The longer they sit, the more damage to the wrap they can cause.
  • High-Pressure sprayers can lift the edge of your wrap and vinyl graphics and force water underneath damaging the wrap (this will void the install warranty).
  • We HIGHLY recommend hand washing your wrapped vehicle. Chemicals of the automatic car washed can bake under the sun and permanently damage the wrap.
  • Do not use stiff/hard brushes and buffers on your wrap as this can cause lifting, discoloration, and damage.
  • Do not use standard petroleum based wax/polish on any matte, satin, or textured finishes. The chemicals in most standard waxes can damage the wrap and eat away at the finish.

Car Wrap City offers an Organic Wrap Care solution manufactured in the USA that will clean, seal and protect your new wrap. It’s waterless, which makes spot cleaning on-the-go incredibly easy. 

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