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From nationwide mega-fleets to local small business fleets, we are uniquely equipped to handle multi-vehicle branding of any type. Quality prints, designers trained in the art of eye-catching advertisements, and 80,000 sq ft of climate controlled space allow us to turn high-volume wraps around in record time.


From designing business logos to creating wraps for multi-vehicle fleets or food trucks, our in-house designers can handle any design challenge you throw at them. We pair our clients with experienced designers and put no limit on revisions – we want to make sure your wrap dreams come to life!


Change the color of your car and add a textured finish like matte or satin. Get creative with custom stripes, a metallic roof or carbon fiber accents. Our certified installers are experts at seamless application. By the time they’re done with your vehicle, boat, motorcycle or ATV, you’ll need proof it’s not paint!

Let us help bring customers to your door.

On average, a wrapped vehicle gets 50-70k impressions
each day. Don't miss out on that revenue!

Changing the way the wrap business works

Innovative Design
Our design team has a combined 40+ years of experience designing eye-catching, brand-relevant wraps. They'll help you craft your message and marketing for the most effective result - and add a creative spin while they're at it.

Quality Print Production
We use the highest quality, wide-format printers available on the market for extremely high-resolution prints, and we laminate every wrap for long-lasting durability. Our print technicians are industry certified and experts when it comes to vinyl.

Certified Installation
​​Our installers love what they do - they are passionate about wrapping, and they take pride in doing it well. Each of our installers are industry certified and are extensively tested before being unleashed on a CWC project.

Exemplary Service
​We have many eyes on your project from start to finish to ensure each "i" gets a dot and every "t" gets crossed. We're proud of the work we do and the wraps we produce. You can count on us to communicate and educate you about your wrap.

Take your creativity to the streets with unlimited design options.

You have your own style and personality... shouldn't your vehicle reflect that
individuality? Dress your investment up with a wrap.

Want to check out some of our work?

See how our wraps stack up against the competition, or get some wrapspiration for
your project. Click here to view our Showroom.

Like the color of your vehicle? Keep it. And protect it.

Whether you own or lease, Clear Wraps paint protection will protect your investment from scratches, stains and chipping. Learn more.

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