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We go for that “wow-factor” and we get it! You’ll discuss your vehicle and your goals with our gifted designers who will create custom graphics specifically for your make and model of vehicle. Your project will be designed in full scale, printed in full color, and applied with full lamination, and then applied seamlessly (literally!) for the highest quality wrap possible. We bring your vision to life - even if you don’t yet know quite what that might look like!  We design, print, and install all in-house without the use of sub-contractors. 


Paint Protection

Clear Wraps is Car Wrap City's superior, invisible paint protection. Clear Wraps paint protection is a great way to protect your investment. Damage to the paint on your vehicle will reduce the value and acts as an eye sore to you. We want to help you prevent damage and keep you from cringing every time you see your car. Damaging factors come in all shapes and sizes including rocks, salt, insects, and other road debris. Having a Clear Wrap installed will help shield you from these elements as well as help protect your paint from cracking due to natural weathering while allowing you to enjoy your car’s natural paint finish. The paint protection film we utilize is a proprietary, self healing top-coat formulation that is scratch and crack resistant with an invisible finish. 

Wrap Facts:

  • 30k impressions a day in heavy traffic
  • 5600%  more effective than radio

  • 7200% more effective than a billboard

  • 252,000% more effective than postcards

  • unlike tv, they can't change a channel

  • reach commuters on highways, parking lots and streets

  • every traffic jam is a marketing opportunity

  • reach audiences of all ages, genders, backgrounds, income and professions

  • wrap delivers more than 100,000 impressionsfor as little as $41.65 a month!
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