Window Perforation

We print graphics on a perforated vinyl material that will not impede your visibility while driving, but will advertise to outside viewers (great branding option for tight budgets).

We use the term “window perforation” (also know as window perf) to describe vinyl that is perforated with a pattern of round, evenly spaced holes. When applied to a glass surface, perf material allows printed graphics to be seen from the outside, but appear invisible to the people looking out. 

Window perforation has a multitude of uses beyond side and rear vehicle windows. It can also be used on glass buildings, retail window storefronts, displaying temporary promotions on retail windows, advertisements on glass doors, or any other situation where you wish for an image to be seen from one side but not from the other. 

Window perforation can really tie a company’s branding together. Your vehicles and storefront can work together to create a recognizable advertisement that suggests customer loyalty and people from the street will recognize yor business.

A few quick facts about Car Wrap City Perforated Wraps:

  • We use 3M & Briteline Window Perfs and laminate with Optically Clear Overlaminate. Not all wrap shops laminate vehicle window perf, but we do. We find it makes for a longer-lasting wrap.
  • We use the best printers available on the market to achieve flawless, deep colors. Generally, perforated window wraps can be installed seamlessly. For larger storefront or building edifice perforated wraps, our panels are 60-inches wide to accommodate large surface areas with as few seams as possible.  
  • Our designers have extensive experience in branding, advertising and producing unique graphic designs. You will be paired with an in-house designer that best suits your business, is available to you for questions and edits, and who will help see your project through to completion.
  • We do not limit design revisions. We are committed to seeing your design through as many revisions as it takes to bring your branding to life.
  • Our perforated window wraps come with a one-year installation warranty. Depending on how well the vinyl is cared for, we typically see replacement wraps come in at around 1-3 years of age.

Our Certified Installation Team has been thoroughly trained and tested by the very best in the industry (and in fact, we are often called upon by wrap guru Justin Pate to assist in his trainings and videos). There are many challenges to applying printed perforated vinyl vehicles and architectural surfaces, which is why it’s important to hire installers that have industry experience and know their way around a multi-paneled design or wide window surface. Our installers do, and they are experts at matching panels to minimize seams while maintaining the integrity of the print and vinyl.

Ready to get started? Request a perforated wrap quote using our online form now. Please be as specific as possible about your coverage expectations so we can give you the best, most accurate price possible. If you’re in doubt, we welcome you to bring your vehicle to one of our locations and let us help with the decision process.

Our goal at Car Wrap City is simple: provide the highest-quality customer service and product that the vehicle wrap industry has to offer.

Window Perf wraps are used on, cars, trucks, food trucks, busses, vans, fleets, boats, store fronts and in all kinds of applications such as commercial, personal and industrial.