Structure & Architectural Wraps

We can affix printed graphics, photos, printed messages and more onto any structure with adequate surface space - walls, storefronts, furniture, floors and much more.

As the wrap industry grows, so do the vinyl capabilities. The latest architectural vinyl can stick to anything. We can create graphics for walls and surfaces across the board. Add your logo to a brick façade in the warehouse, put your contact info bright and bold on the side of your stucco building, create a fun work environment with a design that stretches from the front door to the break room. Whatever it is, we can cover it with a wrap!

Architectural vinyl also provides the opportunity for upgrading your space for a fraction of the cost of a typical remodel. We can update doors, walls, desks, ceilings, floors – you name it – with material that looks and feels like the real thing. From fine and rustic woods to silk, woven, concrete, stone, leather and many other finishes, we can take any commercial space from drab to finely styled in no time at all. In fact, unlike a true remodel, your business will likely experience no downtime at all.

We also offer FabriTac, a non-permanent printed graphic adhesive that's perfect for homes and apartments. Dress up your space with any design or texture you can dream up. Enjoy it as long as you want to - 10 minutes or 10 years - and when it comes time to remove it, no wall damage or sticky residue will be left behind. See some examples of this application and learn more about its uses here: FabriTac: The Non-Permanent Wall Decor Solution.

Our Certified Installation Team has been thoroughly trained and tested by the very best in the industry (and in fact, we are often called upon by wrap guru Justin Pate to assist in his trainings and videos). There are many challenges to applying architectural vinyl to exterior and interior surfaces, which is why it’s important to hire installers that have industry experience and know how to manipulate the material and achieve high-end results. Our installers do, and they are experts at matching panels to minimize seams (should seems be necessary) while maintaining the integrity of the print and vinyl.

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