Tribute Wrap for Jim Dunn - The Fireman’s Quickie

Each year the AAA Texas NHRA Fall Nationals promises to be a great time and 2015 was no different! In fact, there was an extra helping of excitement thanks to the new wrap on John Hale’s Nitro Nostalgia Funny Car. According to Jim Dunn Racing manager Jon Dunn, "We wanted to celebrate racing with two special-edition cars; one in NHRA competition and one in Nostalgia, where John Hale got his start.” Instead of running his One Bad Texan scheme on his Nostalgia Funny Car, Hale decided to have Car Wrap City rewrap it with a special new design to pay tribute to “Big Jim” Dunn.

The new design for Hale’s Nostalgia Funny Car was kept under wraps throughout the whole wrap process until the big unveiling Friday morning. Fans eagerly watched with anticipation as the new wrap was presented to “Big Jim” Dunn by John Hale. The design was created to replicate the Fireman’s Quickie scheme that Dunn drove in 1981.