Hutchins Plumbing and AC Van + Truck Fleet

There’s no need to check your vision because you are definitely seeing double! Hutchins Plumbing and AC contacted Car Wrap City initially for one van wrap with a specific budget, but instead went home with two new freshly-wrapped vans. In order to reduce vinyl costs, spot graphics were utilized instead of full vinyl panels. Spot graphics are a good choice for vehicles that have a great looking paint job that can act as a background.

Once the design was finalized, the client decided they loved it so much they’d just go ahead and have two vans wrapped instead of one! And a few months later, another van (a Dodge Promaster).... and a few months after that, another truck (a Dodge Ram 2500 Crew Cab Long Bed)! Now, they have quadruple the mobile marketing power which is great for any businesss.

Read more about the design and initial wrap process in City News, here.