The Force is Strong with this Subaru

The owner of this Subaru BRZ came to us with a fun request - a color change wrap inspired by the TIE Fighter design from the newest Star Wars movie.

A ton of thought and detail went into this wrap. To start, we used an embossing technique to add subtle elements based off the TIE Fighter's design, and a dash from Darth Vader's armor. You'll see a First Order Symbol on the passenger's side and the Galactic Empire Symbol on the driver's side. The hood is also embossed with features of the TIE Fighter windshield.

After the initial layer of vinyl was laid to create the embossed effect, we wrapped the entire vehicle for a deep color change (to hide the white paint) using Avery Dennison Gloss Metallic Black and 3M Gloss Dragon Fire Red. To finish it off we added a few accents, including quotes from Darth Vader that read, "Apology Accepted" and "The Force is Strong With This One" in Aurebesh. 

You won't see another car like this one in this galaxy!