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Clear paint protection wraps protects your vehicle.

Clear paint protection wraps will protects your vehicle from scratches, stains and chipping with a practically invisible clear finish. We custom-fit any area, from bra to full-vehicle.

Whether you own or lease, Clear Wraps paint protection is a great way to protect your investment from scratches, stains and chipping. Damaged paint can quickly reduce the value of your vehicle, not to mention it's an eyesore. In the case of a minor abrasion, clear films can save you the trouble of repainting or repairing your vehicle's exterior.

We can help prevent paint damage on your vehicle. But if you need more convincing, here are the important points:

You like the color of your vehicle, you keep it. The best part about a Clear Wrap is that the thin, practically invisible film allows you to enjoy your car's natural paint finish. The paint protection film we use is a proprietary, self-healing top-coat formulation that is scratch and crack resistant with a clear finish.

This is Texas, we have a lot of highways. No matter how often you take your car out, chances are you can't avoid the highway. Everything flying toward the front of your vehicle - from rocks and salt, to insects and road debris - can cause chipping and scratches to your paint. A Clear Wrap can help shield your car's paint from these elements as well as protect the paint from weathering, which can eventually lead to cracking.

Your vehicle is important enough to be handled by a human, not a machine. Some companies source their clear film by ordering a pre-cut computer designed kit. We think that each vehicle deserves a custom cut and wrap. Our certified installers are trained in clear wraps and can custom-cut and install clear panels that result in a smooth, seamless look. We have materials on hand to ensure all clear wraps are comprehensive.

Your wrap is protected by warranty. Car Wrap City uses Xpel to Clear Wrap your car, so there is no reason to be wary of yellowing, fading or cracking. However, we offer a one-year install warranty on all of our wraps, and many film manufactures also offer extensive warranty periods.

And if that's not enough... How about trusting the same protective film the military uses? Clear urethane protection film was originally developed during the Vietnam War to shield helicopter blades from airborne gravel and debris. Instead of repairing the blades (which was costly), they would replace the damaged clear film (which was not). The military continues to use clear wraps on its vehicles. Racecar drivers also use clear wraps to protect their cars from dust and gravel while on the track, or during off-road races.

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Our wrap process

From design to install, we've got you covered every step of the way.
You will be paired with an in-house wrap designer who best suits your branding style. Using your specifications and ideas, they will create 3 wrap designs to determine the style, color and elements you are drawn to.
Collaborate with your designer until you are completely happy - we do not limit design revisions. We’re committed to seeing your design through as many revisions as it takes to bring your branding to life.
Upon final design approval, your project will be moved to Production. We’ll contact you to schedule your install and begin producing your wrap using the highest quality vinyl and printers available in our industry.
Your wrap will be applied by our talented team of Certified Installers. Installation typically takes just 1 day, however we’ll ask to keep your vehicle for at least 2-3 days to account for prep, acclimation and quality control. And that’s a wrap!

Our goal at Car Wrap City is simple: provide the highest-quality customer service and product that the vehicle wrap industry has to offer.