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Color change wraps are the quickest, easiest and most affordable way to customize the color and style of your vehicle, we offer hundreds of color/texture options and any mix of vinyl or graphic designs you can dream up.

We use the term “vanity wrap” to describe any wrap that is for personal use rather than advertising purposes. In addition to solid color changes, vanity wraps can be customized with any mix of vinyl or graphic designs you can dream up and can include stripes, decals and other wrap accents like mirror, roof, spoiler and rocker panel wraps (and many others).

Color change wraps allow you to temporarily change the color of your vehicle with absolutely no damage to the OEM paint underneath. In fact, color change wraps protect your vehicle from rock chips, fading paint and minor abrasions. Not only do we offer hundreds of pre-made vinyl colors, we can custom print any color of the rainbow as well.

After color comes texture. Most pre-made vinyls come laminated and thus their texture/finish fate is already sealed. Of course the suppliers offer many, many different texture options so if you want a specific Avery Dennison or 3M vinyl color, it’s likely they will have it in the finish you want as well. But if not, we have the capability to customize gloss, satin, matte, metallic or glitter-textured laminate finishes for you.

Next, consider coverage. Most color change wraps cover the painted surface area that is visible while all the doors and the trunk are closed. The doorjambs, the lip around the trunk and other small interior areas that are painted may expose the original color of your car. Will the color you’ve chosen compliment the original paint, or will you want to wrap those areas as well? Of course, there are limitations to what we can wrap (think: movable hardware, deep recessed areas that are hard to access, etc.), but we do provide more deep wrapping options for an additional cost. Remember that wrapping these areas will require parts of your vehicle to be removed (like doors for instance, in the case of wrapping doorjambs), so we account for a mechanic’s services within that additional cost.

Want more information about color change wraps? Click here to read Color Change Wraps: What to Expect.

A vanity wrap can also refer to a custom stripe kit, decals or vinyl accents on the spoiler, mirror, bumper, rims, hood, fenders, etc. The possibilities are endless.

A few quick facts about Car Wrap City Color Wraps:

  • We use the highest-quality vinyl available – Avery Dennison and 3M (unless otherwise requested – we can source any brand).
  • We use the best printers available on the market to achieve flawless, deep custom colors and wide, 60-inch printed panels to create a seamless wrap.
  • The Car Wrap City design team has the design vision you need to take your vehicle to a new level. From exotic custom stripe kits to simple inlaid sparks of color in recessed curves, our designers can layout the car your dreams are made of.
  • Our Certified Installation Team has been thoroughly trained and tested by the very best in the industry (and in fact, we are often called upon by wrap guru Justin Pate to assist in his trainings and videos).
  • Our wraps come with a one-year installation warranty. Depending on how well the vinyl is cared for, we typically see replacement wraps come in at around five years of age. However we’ve seen many last up to seven years with proper care!

Ready to get started? Request a vanity wrap quote using our online form now. Please be as specific as possible about your coverage expectations so we can give you the best, most accurate price possible. If you’re in doubt, we welcome you to bring your vehicle to one of our locations and let us help with the decision process.

Our goal at Car Wrap City is simple: provide the highest-quality customer service and product that the vehicle wrap industry has to offer.

Our Color wraps are used on, cars, trucks, food trucks, busses, vans, fleets, boats, store fronts and in all kinds of applications such as commercial, personal and industrial.

Our wrap process

From design to install, we've got you covered every step of the way.
You will be paired with an in-house wrap designer who best suits your branding style. Using your specifications and ideas, they will create 3 wrap designs to determine the style, color and elements you are drawn to.
Collaborate with your designer until you are completely happy - we do not limit design revisions. We’re committed to seeing your design through as many revisions as it takes to bring your branding to life.
Upon final design approval, your project will be moved to Production. We’ll contact you to schedule your install and begin producing your wrap using the highest quality vinyl and printers available in our industry.
Your wrap will be applied by our talented team of Certified Installers. Installation typically takes just 1 day, however we’ll ask to keep your vehicle for at least 2-3 days to account for prep, acclimation and quality control. And that’s a wrap!

Our goal at Car Wrap City is simple: provide the highest-quality customer service and product that the vehicle wrap industry has to offer.