Winter Hazards - Will Cold Weather Destroy My Wrap?

If you’ve ever wondered what weather can do to your car wrap, especially during the frigid winter months, you’re not alone. Freezing temperatures, ice and harsh winds are just a few elements that we’ve already experienced this year in Dallas.

Overall, the vinyl material used for car wraps naturally contracts with cooler temperatures, which works to your benefit. But even though car wraps are designed to withstand whatever mother nature decides to throw our way, the amount of care you put into your car wrap is a crucial factor when extending its lifespan.

By following some basic maintenance tips, your car wrap will not be phased by the cold weather conditions:

  • Never use an ice scraper to remove ice or snow from your car surface. Instead, use a soft snow brush and the defroster inside to melt away frozen debris.
  • Wash your car at least twice a month. Pollution from the winter air can build up residue on your car’s surface, thus leading to deterioration of the wrap itself.
  • Park under covered surfaces or in a garage to prevent additional buildup, contamination and to protect your car from the harsh winter elements.
  • Do not leave salt on your vehicle for too long and keep in mind that salt can be collected from driving on highways. The corrosive nature of salt can cause your car wrap to rust, including the salt that’s caught on the undercarriage of your car and tires.
  • If the weather does damage your wrap and tears and holes appear, bring your car in for a touch-up. Putting this off can lead to dirt and debris getting trapped under the vinyl, which can cause the wrap to peel and fall apart over time.

Taking the time to provide proper care for your vehicle wrap will only benefit you, your car and your wallet in the long run. Car Wrap City has extensive experience with keeping car wraps in Dallas in top-notch quality, and can help you every step of the way this winter.

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January 21, 2017