Why We Tag Our Wraps

Car Wrap City tag.

In today's consumer-driven world we are surrounded by labels in every imaginable market...from head to toe we wear them, we drive them, we eat them....you get the picture. When we spend the extra money to attain a high-end, highly sought after label, what is the first thing we do? We proudly show it off for all to see! We use labels as a tool to convey an item's value, craftsmanship and quality.

But what do these labels actually do for you? Most labels are simply ornamental and serve only to promote the brand they represent.

But not here. Our labels serve a different purpose. Yes, we're proud of our work and yes, we love to claim our wraps – however we have a lot more in mind for the businesses that choose to wrap with us, far beyond the label.

It's our goal to help show off the stellar vinyl choices you've made and to help promote your business to as many clients – both current and future – as we possibly can to help you grow your business.

Our chrome Car Wrap City vinyl tag is pictured above.

Crazy concept, right? Well as crazy as it sounds, that is the Car Wrap City way of doing business. Not only do we recommend our clients' businesses, but we also utilize several of our client's services ourselves. We actively promote these businesses to all our fans, followers, and clients via multiple social media outlets.

You might have noticed that we place a high priority on quality photos of complete wrap installations. Why? So we can show off your awesome new look to everyone we know! We go that extra mile to make sure we are helping your business grow, which means letting all of our clients and fans know who you are, what you do, and how you can help them with the goods and services you offer. We will admit however... we know that when your business grows (and you suddenly need more vehicles), that our business will grow too. So rather than conduct business as usual, we like to develop relationships with our clients. We have their backs, and they have ours.

Car Wrap City is proud of each and every wrap. With as many other wrap "shops" out there in today's marketplace we know, as a consumer, it is your right to choose - and when you choose Car Wrap City, it's for good reason. As one of today's leading innovators in the vinyl wrap industry, Car Wrap City has the unique ability to back our name with multiple prestigious titles. How many other wrap companies can say they have been chosen as the "World's Greatest: Wrap Company", are Wrap Like a King champions, AND work closely with one of the most widely recognized, top-notch vinyl master installers? Guess what...we can!

CWC tag example.

You may be wondering what this has to do with tagging our wraps. When we place our name on a wrap, it's like an artist signing their painting - we do it to claim our work and to associate Car Wrap City with the value, craftsmanship and quality of the wrap. We also tag our name because we're proud to represent our clients and we want to stand behind their services and products.

Unlike other wrap companies, we do not print our name onto the actual vinyl of the wrap so that you are unable to remove it, should you desire to. Instead, we place it as an overlay, tucked away in a corner so as to not take away from your design. We hope you're proud of your wrap design and overall experience with us, just like we're proud to say we have had the pleasure to work with you. We hope that you will proudly display our name so when others ask, you can say you wrapped with Car Wrap City.

We would like to thank each and every client who proudly recommends Car Wrap City to everyone they can, whether it is verbally or simply by leaving our "signature" tag on your wrap!

January 2, 2014