Why Choose CWC?


Car Wrap City recognizes that your vehicle is an extremely important asset and that making a decision to design and install this type of advertising is an investment. That said, we encourage you to consider your options carefully. Car Wrap City has the expertise to extend, as our first service to you, the ability to assist you in making the best decision possible for your vehicle and budget. So here are some questions we suggest you ask when researching wrap companies:

  • Is wrapping vehicles and installing wrap products your primary business?

  • Do you remove and replace all the external trim work on the vehicle when you perform a wrap or just “cut around it”?

  • Do you use only top quality, professional wrap products (such as Avery Dennison and/or 3M)?

  • Are your installers professionally trained by other well-known graphic installers? Are your installers certified?

  • Does your company perform all services on-site at one location?

  • Does your company employ talented graphic artists or is this work “farmed out” to contractors?

  • Do you provide truly custom designs? Or do you use generic templates and fonts which are only custom in that you add our company name?

  • Are there any hidden costs or is your quote what I can expect to pay when I pick up my vehicle?

  • Do you have the capability to provide detailed custom graphics specifically designed for all makes and models of cars, trucks, vans, trailers, boats, light aircraft, and signage?

  • Are your commercial-wrap customers recognizable names and brands? Can you show me your portfolio and/or a wrap similar to what I am requesting?

  • How long must you keep my vehicle?

  • Are you bonded and insured?

  • And finally…the most important question to ask: If you perform only high-quality work at fair pricing, why must you offer discounts, deals, price cuts and specials?

Vehicle wraps are the future of advertising and are only growing in popularity as time goes by. Since the world is not likely to slow down, vehicle wraps will pick up speed - so it's wise to keep up with your competition, or beat them to the punch. Secure your future now by getting more and paying less. Call Car Wrap City today and beat your competition all the way to the bank: 877-81-WRAPS.


“The truth is that many so called ‘wrap shops’ are actually banner and sign shops that use their banner printers to do vehicle wraps on the side. It’s not my style to disparage another business, so rather than knock them, let me tell you what we DON’T do:

We don’t subcontract designers who use a CD of large format backgrounds that thousands of other shops are using and just throw your logo and phone number over the top of it and call it a ‘custom design’. (We do have talented in-house professional graphic designers who will develop a unique, truly custom design for your specific make and model of vehicle.)

We don’t use an inexpensive printer designed for other purposes which is too small to do seamless wraps and produces only low resolution prints with banding and other flaws and fades and peels off prematurely. (We do perform all of our printing in-house on the highest quality, full-sized printers using only UV resistant inks and laminates, high-quality digital printing, producing seamless, high resolution, lasting graphics specifically designed for your vehicle.)

We don’t subcontract the installations to inexperienced, self-taught mobile workers who are constantly in a hurry to finish a vehicle in order to maximize their earnings and who have little or no access to designers. We also don’t disregard the manufacturer’s instructions and install wraps in dusty areas and in temperatures outside the installation guidelines. (We do perform all installations within our climate controlled bays by our own skilled staff who have been trained by the world’s most renowned wrap installer, Justin Pate, and who work hand-in-hand, on-site with our designers.)

We don’t cut corners and just use spray-on lamination and tell you it is just as good as the real lamination in order to lower our bid just to get the job. (We do use a real laminator so that your wrap is protected properly and will not fade or peel off prematurely.) 

We don’t put the wrap on your vehicle and then just use a blade to cut around the trim work and other removable ornamental items on your vehicle leaving unnecessary potential lifting points. (We do carefully remove those parts of your vehicle which the wrap product should lie beneath, and then reinstall those over the wrap product for a neat, lasting installation.)

As a business owner, I feel strongly that I owe it to my customers to control all aspects of the product and services we offer.  My customers are the best, and I insist on the best for them - no short cuts.      

I’d appreciate your business and welcome the chance to talk to you about your wrap needs. You have my personal word that if you choose Car Wrap City, you won’t be simply satisfied, you’ll be wowed!”  

Scott Bechtel
Car Wrap City

November 20, 2010