Vehicle Wraps for the Holidays

We all know the feeling. You give a child a great Christmas present. You did hours of research to find an age-appropriate, mind-stimulating, yet fun toy... only to have them spend more time playing with the box and wrapping paper than they do with the toy itself.

So If the wrap can be better than the gift itself, why not make the wrapping the present?

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Our take on wraps is a little different than John Krasinki's... but see how it will put you in the holiday spirit?!

There are so many ways to incorporate a car wrap into your holiday gift giving this year. You can gift a wrap to someone with a Car Wrap City Gift Certificate and then bring them in to get the process started. For an even bigger surprise, wrap their car for them before the holidays and have a Christmas-day unveiling! Or, for those planning to surprise a spouse or newly-licensed-teen with a new or used car this Christmas, make the gift even more memorable by customizing it with a wrap (and protecting your investment in the meantime). Change the color of a used vehicle, make it more unique with a matte or satin finish, or add contrasting accents on the roof, hood and mirrors. [PS did you know you can often roll a wrap into your monthly car payments at the time of purchase?]Image courtesy of

And we are great at keeping secrets! Check out this wrap we did to surprise a lucky lady, per her husband’s request. She was so surprised, and loved the special gift, designed just for her.

So if you’re looking for a great gift to give a loved one that shows thoughtfulness and uniqueness, gifting wrap is for you!

Give us a call any time to learn more about taking your gifting to the next level by giving the gift of wrap at 877-81-WRAPS. Call us ASAP to ensure your gift is ready in time for the holidays!

October 30, 2017