Types of Wraps and Wrap Coverage

Vinyl wraps come in many shapes and sizes. There is a specific vinyl for almost any surface you want to wrap. This means the wrap possibilities are virtually limitless. The only thing that can limit your vinyl wrap is your creativity. But don’t worry, we’re pretty sure we have the creativity part handled! To give you an idea of the many wraps available to you, here is a list of some of the most popular types.

Full Wrap

A full vinyl wrap is one that covers the entire surface of your vehicle. This can be either a custom-designed wrap created by one of Car Wrap City’s graphic designers OR a color change wrap. Custom-designed wraps aren’t only for businesses looking to boost their marketing exposure. Many times custom designs are created for vanity wraps too.

Partial Wrap

A partial wrap can mean several different things. Basically, it boils down to being any wrap that does not cover the entire surface of a vehicle. You will hear a partial wrap go by many different names yet they all are still “partials”. Two of the most popular names you’ll see are half-wrap and three-quarter wrap. These names narrow down the description of a wrap more than the general term “partial wrap”.

Spot Branding

Technically, spot branding can also fit in the partial wrap category. This type of wrap generally covers a small amount of the surface to be wrapped. Instead of using full vinyl panels that have been printed with your design, spot branding utilizes plotted designs. To give you a better visual, imagine spot branding as more like a sticker that goes onto your vehicle. Many companies go this route to brand their vehicles for a lower cost than a full wrap. Spot branding can be anything from adding your business logo onto a surface or it can be wording only.

Window Wraps

Window wraps are…well…they are wraps that go on windows! More often than not the material used for a window wrap is a special perforated material. Perforated material is commonly referred to as “perf”. What makes this material special is that while it covers a surface it also allows you to still see through it. This is a great option for rear windows on vehicles, windows on store fronts and also on windows in your home. Not all window wraps are “perf”. Some clients prefer to not be able to see out of the window being wrapped. In these instances they will have non-perforated material installed. The vinyl used to wrap your windows depends solely on your personal preference.

Architectural Wraps

The term “architectural wrap” covers a wide range of wraps. These are wraps that are not meant for vehicles. Instead these wraps cover things like walls – both interior and exterior, columns, back-drops, signage and even props used in retail settings (or anywhere you like).

Interior Wraps

This category of wraps can be a super fun one. There are countless surfaces in your office and home that are wrappable! In just the kitchen you can wrap so many things like: refrigerators, coffee pots, trash cans, back splash areas, and floor tiles. When you start to think about all the other surfaces in your home and office you’ll realize the possibilities are endless. In today’s world of vinyl wrapping, there are sooo many more materials available than in the past. You’re not limited by solid color vinyl accents anymore. You can have custom designs created to fit your space. Another option is to take advantage of the MANY pre-made textured vinyl available.

The Random Wraps

Many wrappable surfaces fit in this category – these are the surfaces that are more unique. Some examples of wraps that fit in this category would be: large coolers, skateboards, RC cars, motorcycle helmets, cranial bands and coffins. Yes, you read that correctly…even a coffin can be wrapped!

If you have a surface you’d like to see wrapped but aren’t sure if it’s possible we encourage you to call, contact us online or visit us in person! One of our knowledgeable staff members will be happy to help you decide the best way to see your wrap dreams become a reality.

Car Wrap City – if you dream it, we can wrap it!

July 6, 2016