A Tasty Truck Wrap for Bahama Buck's

This wrap has us “sno” excited!

If you are a sno-cone aficionado but you haven’t given Bahama Buck’s a try you are missing out! For them, flavor is considered an art form and they strive to infuse it into every aspect of their business. With a mantra like “Flavor Your Life” it’s easy to see how they come up with irresistible creations. Sno creations aren’t the only thing they have to offer. Bahama Buck’s dabbles in many dimensions of frozen desserts like island smoothies, Bahama sodas and paradise fruit. They make it their mission to offer a little slice of heaven to consumers who want a taste of paradise.

Before the wrap: 

Bahama Buck’s didn’t stumble upon their expertise in innovating island indulgences by chance…

It was in the summer of 1990 when Blake Buchanan opened the first Bahama Buck’s. He was searching for a way to make money while in college without having to mow grass or flip burgers. With the help of family, friends and fellow college students he opened the doors. It's hard to believe he started with only one ice shaver. Buchanan’s tropical sensation caught on quick! He was able to turn this little summer job into a full-time vacation.

Bahama Buck’s works hard to keep the spirit of the original location alive. They make sure each franchise is operated with the same level of enthusiasm. The entire Bahama Buck’s team wants to ensure that each flavor becomes a favorite and each visit is a great time, every time. How do they do that? By creating a team of talented people capable of maximizing their time and expertise. They work together to strive for excellence!

The vinyl used for the full wrap on Bahama Buck’s Toyota Tundra was 3M vinyl wrap material. Their newest mobile billboard was printed out using a wide-format Mutoh printer:

No matter what your favorite paradise flavor is you can guarantee they have just the right treat. From Sno, smoothies and fruit to island coffee and even “Sno2Throw” they’ve got it all!

Designer: Tyson

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January 5, 2016