SRG Roofing - Keeping You Covered

Having a sturdy roof over your head – whether at home or at work – is kind of a really big deal…Without proper installation and maintenance your roof has a chance of slowly falling apart or worse, randomly collapsing with you in the building! Not that we want to scare you but hey, it could happen. In order to avoid catastrophic damages from roof problems, it’s best to call in the professionals to get the job done correctly.

Originally founded in 2003 as a company for providing commercial, industrial and multifamily roofing services in our Lone Star State, SRG Roofing has now grown into a nationwide company through their dedicated team of roofing experts and personal relationships with their clients. SRG Roofing is committed to providing their clients with the most cost effective, environmentally friendly and top of the line roofing system available. They are the experts who are there to help complete roofing projects of any size – whether it is a new property that has been purchased or is being constructed, existing properties in need of maintenance or older building renovations – they’ve got you covered.

SRG Roofing not only dedicates their business to keeping you covered but also strives to succeed in other aspects as well. It is their vision “to have success with significances by changing and impacting the lives of their employees, their business partners and their communities”. SRG Roofing’s mission, “To be the best at what they do through seeking to honor God by serving Christ and others as He directs their path” goes hand in hand with the way the company is conducted. Outside of roofing, they also support and partner with various nonprofit organizations such as: Ring of Hope Boxing Club, Living for Zachary, Presence Church, and Disciple Multipliers.

Spreading the word about their business takes a little effort. In addition to other marketing strategies, SRG Roofing chose to create mobile billboards out of their service vehicles. In big, bold lettering on the sides of their service truck you’ll see the business name as well as their phone number. The red and black “plotted” partial wrap really stands out against the original white paint of their Ford F150, ensuring they’ll be noticed wherever they go.

Looking to boost your mobile marketing strategy? We encourage you to reach out to us with any questions about how a vinyl wrap can help get you noticed. Call, click or visit today!

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September 29, 2015