Sinai Urgent Care Nissan NV200 Partial Wrap

When you are in need of urgent medical attention, you shouldn't be worrying about anything but getting better. Some places you go to act cold and uncaring while you’re feeling your worst. Other places are more indifferent and treat you as if you’re “just a number”. These are the places who more than likely also have a doctor or two who spends little time explaining anything. Thank goodness we live in an age where we can check Yelp! reviews and other social sites to find who offers the best care!

Sinai Urgent Care is a facility who “gets it” and goes the extra mile to make sure patients are taken care of. If you visit their Facebook, Google+ and Yelp! pages you’ll see nothing but 5-star reviews. Your first interaction with them is handled by a delightful front-office staff. Once you're checked in, you are promptly treated by a Dr. who listens and cares. They take their time and make sure to explain what is going on. This urgent care facility knows their stuff and how to get the job done right.

The founders of Sinai Urgent Care – Dr. Nick Karr MD & Dr. Joseph Burkett MD – have been practicing as ER physicians throughout the DFW metroplex for several years. Their broad experiences has enabled them to gain a unique perspective into what makes a facility run smoothly. They also have seen the many obstacles that can hinder the efficiency of a medical facility. By combining their unique experiences, they have been able to refine urgent care experiences. They are able to treat a wide range of patients due to their combined experiences in the crazy world of ER. When conditions are more serious, they know where to direct patients. This is a team that not only strives to help you feel healthy but also wants you to feel good about being in their care.

September 23, 2015