SDL Plumbing Dodge Ram Promaster Fleet Wrap

Why does it seem like it’s always at the most inconvenient times that you’re in dire need of a plumber?! The hot water goes out, lines break or the water just completely ceases to flow right about the time we need it most – getting ready for work or in the middle of our nighttime routine. Always a bummer, right?

Not when you know the right plumber to call!


SDL Plumbing, Inc. will have your hot water back on in no time! Water heaters aren’t their only focus – they deal with tank-less plumbing, sewer & drain issues, slab leaks, jetting and more.

SDL Plumbing chose to invest in uniform fleet wraps for their vehicles. Utilizing different shades of blue, the design clearly conveys their work in the plumbing/water industry. Against a backdrop of sharp aqua-colored angles, water droplets and a pattern reminiscent of the molecular structure of H20, SDL Plumbing’s large logos and contact information are displayed in clear, easy-to-read fonts.

Each Dodge Ram Promaster received a full, custom-design vinyl wrap. The material used for these wraps was Avery Dennison vinyl wrap material and was printed using a wide-format Mutoh printer.

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September 22, 2015