Schneider Electric Ford Transit Connect Partial Wrap

Branding a corporate vehicle can be as simple as adding a name, logo and contact info on the sides. While this approach isn’t always the most visually effective, it gets the job done at a fraction of the cost – which is great for new businesses and mom-and-pop shops that likely don’t have a large marketing budget. Once a company grows and expands their marketing budget it is not unusual to begin considering a more eye-catching approach to mobile marketing, which is where Car Wrap City steps in.

Schneider Electric is by no means a new or small business and knows from experience how effective mobile marketing can be, which is why they came to Car Wrap City for an updated look on their Ford Transit Connect. Previously, their Transit had minimal vinyl on it – only the logo graced the sides of the vehicle. When it came time to express “wishes and wants” for our designers to take into consideration they stated “we are looking to stand out and also highlight a few of our offerings”. They also specified using their “Schneider green” as a base color but over-all were really hoping for a “cool design that stands out!”

Before the wrap:

upload 7/13/2015 at 5:32:03 PM.png

After the wrap:

As a company with 170 years of experience, we can only imagine all the changes Schneider Electric has seen in their industry. Starting with roots in the iron and steel industry, heavy machinery and ship building, the company has evolved throughout the decades and has moved into electricity and automation management. They are able to offer numerous products and services…way too many to list in one wrap. Instead of trying to squeeze tons of information into one design, Schneider Electric opted to focus on specific services to simplify the design for potential onlookers. The highlighted services on this particular wrap are their ability to offer HVAC controls, security, integrated solutions and building analytics. Also included, in an easy-to-read font, are the website and phone number so potential clients can easily get in contact for services.

Bringing bright, beautiful colors to life – from a computer screen to printed vinyl – means using only top-quality products. This wrap was printed out and laminated using Avery Dennison vinyl wrap material on one of our wide-format Mutoh printers. Using high-end materials and machinery is imperative to producing a long-lasting, superior vinyl wrap.

Designer: Lewis

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August 17, 2015