Rush Wrap Jobs - What to Expect

Palm Harbor full print wrap by Car Wrap City.

Desperate times call for desperate measures; sometimes those desperate measures include needing a new vinyl wrap "yesterday". Car Wrap City understands that sometimes clients are in a pinch and need their wrap – from design to installation – done in a hurry so we're here to help save the day! In order to produce everything you need in the short amount of time you need it, there are a few things you'll need to know.

Q – Can my design be produced as quickly as I need it?

A – Yes! But here's the catch; in order to push out your design quickly and get it ready to print, you'll need to be on your "A-game" when it comes to promptly responding to your designer with your thoughts, any changes you would like to make, and any additional design elements you wish to see. The more quickly you respond the more quickly designers can continue in the direction you've given.

Q – Will my design suffer due to the rush involved?

A – Absolutely not! Car Wrap City holds itself to a very high standard whether given an abundance of time or in a time crunch. Our design staff is top-notch and always goes the extra mile to ensure the quality of your design... even if that means early mornings, late nights, and lots of coffee!

Before the wrap:


Q – Why am I paying a "rush fee"?

A – Another aspect to getting your design pushed out quickly is that a designer will need to redirect their creativity from other projects already in their queue in order to make sure your deadline is met. Often this includes your designer going the extra mile and working beyond their normal schedule in order to see your project to completion in the time allotted. Also, in order to fit your rush job into the print queue and installation schedule by the deadline, other projects already scheduled will need to be rescheduled. When this happens, production of other projects is delayed. The fee applied to a rush job is in place to cover the extra time and effort exerted by the Car Wrap City staff to ensure your project is the best it can possibly be in the minimal time given.

Palm Harbor full print truck wrap, side one.

Recently Car Wrap City worked with one of the guys from Palm Harbor Homes in order to quickly produce this full wrap on their Ford F250 Super Duty. This project came prepared with a sample mock-up from other vehicles they've had wrapped as well as the needed files for logos to go in the design of the wrap. From the intial call to the time they drove it out of our install bay, the turnaround time was about 15 days.

Palm Harbor full print truck wrap, back.

This wrap was printed out on one of our wide-format Mutoh printers using Avery Dennison vinyl wrap material and lamination.

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May 1, 2015