Roush Off-Road Raptor Wrap, Hulk Edition

It’s a good thing this client is so laid back because we’d hate to see him “HULK out” with road rage in his freshly wrapped truck! This is an absolute BEAST of a truck and will have fellow comic lovers green with envy.

Hulk Raptor

The final design of this Ford Raptor is much more detailed than the initial idea brought to us. The first thought was to turn this customized red Raptor lime green, add some rally stripes and maybe some stripes on the side. Once our designer Tam started on the project, he saw the potential for some extra pizazz, and the rest is history… Instead of plain stripes, Tam created claw marks to add some muscle to this already tough ride. It made a ton of sense to run with the green theme and name this bad boy after the one and only Hulk.

Instead of using a pre-made lime green material as originally planned, it made more sense to print the unique Hulk green along with the custom graphics printed onto it. Choosing to print the color instead of using a pre-made vinyl meant our production manager Billy needed to get some test prints out and ready for the client to choose from for the perfect match to his dream wrap vision. Once the design was completed and a test print color was chosen, the design was printed out and laminated by a wide-format Mutoh printer on Avery Dennison vinyl wrap material.

Designer: Tam

Seeing fun, fierce vinyl wraps custom-created by our design team is always a treat…we never know what they’ll come up with next! If you have a wrap project you’d like to see brought to life be sure to give us a call, go online, or visit one of our offices to see how we can make your dream a reality!

Video about this wrap 

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August 5, 2015