Rolls Royce Ghost: Full Wraps vs Complete Wraps

There are two types of "full" wraps. There are full exterior wraps that cover every inch of visible paint when the vehicle's doors, hood and trunk are closed. There are also "complete" full wraps, which include wrapping inside the door jams, inner doorframes, and sills – this level of vehicle coverage is recommended for those who want a truly full color change.

And that's what the owner of this Rolls Royce Ghost wanted. He wanted his originally white car to be transformed to a gloss and matte black car.



To accomplish an extensively detailed color change like this, we opt to remove all possible parts so that our installers can wrap every inch of visible paint and install the vinyl seamlessly. We also like to avoid using a blade to trim the vinyl on a vehicle whenever possible. Removing certain parts creates an area to trim the vinyl and tuck it under, rather than trace the outside of the piece with a blade.

Mirrors, molding, door panels, door handles, emblems, lights and bumpers are all pieces that may be removed for wrap installation.

For this wrap, we had our friends from Heritage Collision Center come down and disassemble the vehicle.


After the wrap was installed and the Ghost reassembled, the final result – a complete gloss-black finish accented by a matte black hood and trunk – turned out beautiful. See the full install video here.

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October 9, 2014