Robert Aranson Trailer Wrap

Vehicle Wraps are the future of advertising and we believe that they only get better with time. Obviously our world is not likely to slow down much, and vehicle wraps are expected to pick up speed; so right now is a really great time to be the first. Secure your future now by getting more and paying less. Call Car Wrap City today and beat your competition all the way to the bank. 

  • Full Wrap:  A full wrap covers the entire surface of the vehicle , trailer, boat or equipment, and includes perforated window film which covers glass surfaces without impeding the driver’s visibility.
  • Half Wrap:  A half wrap is an economic alternative to a full wrap. Half wraps cover half of the sides of the vehicle trailer, boat or equipment and also extend around to the back of the vehicle.
  • Spot Branding: Spot Branding is a simple and inexpensive alternative for smaller companies on a tight budget. Spot Branding includes a company logo, a call to action, and some graphics on the side of the vehicle.
  • Window Wraps: Another economical option is window wraps. This involves using printed graphics on a perforated material which does not impede the driver’s visibility.
  • Architectural Wraps:  Architectural wraps consist of affixing printed graphics, photos, or printed messages (or any combination of these) onto any structure with adequate surface space

Call Car Wrap City and get all the information at 877-81-WRAPS, and you can get a quote online today! Serving: Dallas, North Texas, Plano, Mckinney, Sherman, Denison, Frisco, Paris, Ardmore, Ada, Durant, Atoka, and Oklahoma, among others.


March 20, 2014