Ranchman Properties Box Truck Wrap

Finding a realty team to help you buy or sell your home is easy – the property market is flooded with agents. There are many types of agents. First, there are those who work for large companies and small teams. Then there are those who specialize in each property type, including niche markets. How do agents make sure they’re setting themselves apart from their competition?

Meet the Ranchman Properties team from Keller Williams Realty. They have done a great job of setting themselves apart in more ways than one. “Ranchman Properties” already has a uniqueness all its own but what else makes it stand out? Their vinyl wrap helps a ton! Seeing their name displayed in a bold font on each side of the company box truck makes it more memorable. The name isn't the only detail standing out. On the front of the box truck is Old Glory - a detail we love! A beautiful ranch style home makes the perfect backdrop for all the company information. All the design aspects tie together to create a well-rounded mobile billboard. There was one extra little detail the team leader asked to include in their design to make a huge impact. They offer free use of their box truck to anyone who buys or sells with them. This is an offer that separates them from the competitors...

The Ranchman Properties leader is no stranger to rising above the competition. Heading up the trail for Ranchman Properties is award winning realtor Ben Clark. Receiving the Five Star Real Estate Agent Award is an honor few others in Dallas achieve. In fact, less than 7% of the real estate agents in the Dallas area receive this title. Being one of the privileged few to receive this award is no small feat. Before selecting winners for each year, countless hours of in-depth research takes place. Thousands of consumers rate their real estate agent on ten evaluative criteria. Customer service, market knowledge, negotiation, closing preparation and satisfaction are all among the criteria.

Designer: Tyson

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December 18, 2015