Quiltcraft Industries Fleet Wrap

Staying in a hotel can either be a fabulous, relaxing experience or can quickly turn into a nightmare…

We’ve all been in those situations where we’re stuck with staying the night in a room that didn’t quite live up to the promises made online. Sometimes the room is totally outdated from the pics posted on the website or worse…it turns out to be a total roach motel that you wish you had brought your own bedding to sleep on (yuck!). Nobody likes encountering these unexpected, unsettling surprises. While cleanliness is more than likely the largest factor in determining the level of excitement for your stay, another prominent contributor to your mood is the first impression given when you first open the door.

Think about it this way…if you’ve ever seen the popular reality show where contestants are searching for love you know about the “first impression rose”. Some hotels just can’t get it right and will never receive that honor but others…well, as soon as you walk in the door its love at first sight! This is where Quiltcraft Industries comes in. Think of Quiltcraft Industries as the fabulous wardrobe crew who makes sure your rooms look their best. Hotel rooms aren’t the only area of expertise Quiltcraft focuses on – they offer an extensive line of products and services for healthcare, hospitality and commercial industries. From draperies and cubical curtains to roller shades and wall upholstery – they’ll have your business securing that “first impression rose” in no time!

In order to make sure they give a great first impression, the marketing team at Quiltcraft Industries opted to brand their services vehicles with a sharp, professional image. When choosing to enhance your company’s marketing it is really important to let your designer know the first impression you want to give.

Ready to fall in love with your next wrap? Call, check us out online or visit one of our locations today to see how we can help you make a great first impression on your potential clients!

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August 31, 2015