Partial Wraps: Let us Clarify, Van & Truck Partial Wraps

"Partial wrap" can be a confusing term when it comes to vinyl coverage expectations so we're here to help clarify. The term "partial wrap" can be used to describe any wrap that doesn't cover 100-percent of the vehicle, but covers more than cut vinyl and/or decals. If you are considering a partial wrap, make sure you are as specific as possible when you call for a quote so we can give you the best, most accurate price possible. If you're in doubt, we welcome you to bring your vehicle to one of our locations (Carrollton or Sherman) and let us help with the decision process.

One of the advantages of having a partial wrap designed for your vehicle is that in most cases, you can get that full wrap "feel" without a full wrap pricetag – which is great if you're on a tight budget.

The Car Wrap City design team has years and years of experience creating partial wraps that blend in with the paint of a vehicle. They take paint color into careful consideration and incorporate it into the vinyl design so that the transition from wrap to paint is as seamless as possible. We've perfected this style of design, and that's great for our clients because a well-decorated vehicle boosts the effectiveness of an advertising strategy without draining the marketing budget.

2005 Chrysler Town and Country van with a partial wrap for Gideon Math and Reading Center.

2014 3500 Dodge Ram partial wrap for Armadillo Foundation Repair:

2013 Dodge Ram 1500 partial wrap for Griffith Roofing:


A roofer from San Antonio just came up to me and said this was the classiest wrap for a roofer he's ever seen. Mission Accomplished! Have a great day! - Josh

In some cases, businesses or ad agencies will already have their wraps designed (and even printed) so when they come to us they are in need of installation only, which was the case for this Chevrolet Truck partial wrap for energi:

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October 13, 2014