Our Installation Process

How do they do that?

Installing a vinyl wrap onto a vehicle takes patience, skill, and a steady hand. Each of Car Wrap City’s installers receives training from one of the world’s most renowned wrap installers, Justin Pate. That’s right, we make sure the wrap guru himself oversees the training of our installers. We do this so we know their work will be top-notch. We do not utilize subcontracted installers. Why? Because we cannot guarantee their installation skills will be at the same level as our certified employees.

Our certified team of installers work together to bring each wrap masterpiece to life. Having a positive attitude and the ability to work well together helps create a fun, professional environment for the install crew to thrive in. Speaking of environment…have you seen our install bay? If not you need to check it out! The state-of-the-art install bay is large enough to house almost anything you want wrapped. Cars, trucks, busses, boats, wreckers, semi-trucks and trailers, light aircrafts…you name it, we can probably fit it! Not only is the bay large but it is also always kept clean and at a temperature suitable for vinyl wraps. Cleanliness and climate control are two very important factors when installing your wrap. Why? Any dust or debris between the vinyl and your vehicle can cause lifting of the material later on. Unsuitable temperatures can cause other issues with your wrap. If it is too warm, the material may stretch too much. This can cause your wrap to have discoloration or warps in the design. If it is too cold, the opposite happens. The vinyl will not stretch as needed to fit the contours of your vehicle.

Before the installation begins on your vehicle there are a few things that must happen:
  1. Your vehicle needs to be well cleaned before the wrap can go on. You should clean your vehicle the day BEFORE your scheduled install. When we stop to wash your vehicle the day of, it takes away valuable time needed for installing your vinyl. Not only does the vehicle need to be taken out of the bay to be washed but also there must be time allowed for proper drying. Depending on the schedule, if your vehicle needs washing it may also require rescheduling. Please be mindful there are fees involved with both cleaning and rescheduling. These fees will be added to your final invoice. Cleaning fees are $90 per vehicle and the rescheduling fee is $250 (with less than 24hr notice given).

  2. Once the vehicle is clean and ready to wrap, several parts require removal. We remove these pieces so the vinyl is able to tuck into the nooks of your vehicle. Why does this matter? Because if we cut around the trim work and other removable ornamental items, we risk leaving unnecessary potential lifting points.

  3. Each custom-designed wrap is first laid out on the vehicle. Installers do this to make sure all the panels line up and the design falls in the correct places. If there are any questions regarding the design or placement of the graphics, the designers are always on-hand to help.

  4. Once everyone is clear on the placement, the installers remove the backing paper and lay the vinyl onto your vehicle. Using a small heat-gun, they stretch and reposition the vinyl as needed. This process can take hours or days, depending on the complexity of the design and the vehicle. We do not believe a rushed job is a good job so our installers take their time and are careful with your vehicle.

  5. After all the vinyl is in place, any parts removed from the vehicle are then reinstalled. Removing parts allows the installers to create the most seamless wraps possible. The car is then wiped down using a soft microfiber cloth. This is to remove any fingerprints and smudges that may have occurred during the install. Now the wrap is almost complete!

  6. Before your wrap can be considered complete, the senior member of the installation team must inspect the wrapped surface for any slight imperfections. If they find anything, you can rest assured it will be addressed prior to picking up your vehicle.

So you may be wondering how long we keep your vehicle from you during this process. We require clean vehicles to be dropped off the day BEFORE your wrap is scheduled. This is so we can let it acclimate to the ideal temperature overnight in our secure install bay.

Car Wrap City is a professional company that takes the security of your property seriously. We are bonded and insured in the event something does happen. Most average-sized vehicles will be ready to be picked up by the end of your scheduled install date. Depending on the size or complexity of the vehicle, we may need it to stay in our install bay longer. For specific details on your wrap make sure to ask your sales representative.

If you have additional questions, need more information or are ready to get a quote for your next vinyl wrap project please call, go online or visit one of our locations today! Car Wrap City…If you dream it, we can wrap it!

PS - For more photos of the Porsche wrap, visit the Showroom.

June 8, 2016