The Original Pancake House Gets Wrapped

Who doesn’t love a good breakfast? Seriously, breakfast foods are great not only for breakfast but also for brunch, dinner and even a midnight snack! One restaurant that knows how to do breakfast is The Original Pancake House! They have been serving made-from-scratch deliciousness for over 60 years! It is their commitment to help hungry patrons escape to a time when life was less busy. Back to a time when Grandma’s cooking brought the whole family together. Luckily for DFW, The Original Pancake House opened the first Texas franchise in 1987. There are currently six locations in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and they are continuing to grow.

We could go on all day about how great their International menu of world famous recipes are, but you don’t have to take our word for it… They have been recognized by several prestigious National and International award institutions including:

  • USA Today for “Top Ten Pancake Restaurants in the Nation”
  • Zagat Dining and Shopping Guide… rated “Excellent”
  • Parenting Magazine for Family Restaurants… rated “Excellent”
  • McCall Citation for “Excellence in Preparation and Presentation of Food”
  • The James Beard Foundation Award for Excellence
  • D Magazine for “Best of Dallas” (repeatedly)

Delicious food isn’t all The Original Pancake House has to offer. They also are quite the experts when it comes to specialty coffee. Rather than selling over-roasted and over-sweetened coffee drinks that mask the coffee’s true flavors, they choose to serve simplistic, small-batch specialty coffee and classic espresso drinks prepared by their professionally trained baristas. One of the things we love is their commitment to serving the highest scoring specialty coffees in the world while also supporting local small businesses in the process.

Speaking of local…

Their newest Addison location is just around the corner from our Carrollton office. What makes this a big deal? Well, other than the great food THIS location has an additional new coffee lounge! This is a perfect setting to meet with friends or take a break from the office. If you’re not a coffee connoisseur don’t worry, they have other non-coffee drinks. Vegan ice-blended fruit smoothies, vintage sodas and fresh baked house-made pastries are also available.

Good food and good coffee, what more goodness could you want? If you need more goodness there’s plenty more! Original Pancake House DFW believes in giving back to the community. They have had the privilege of supporting MANY worthy causes. Each of the causes they support are working hard to make our communities better. In fact, there are so many causes making great efforts that it’s too many to name. If you’d like to know more, check them out here:

So how did Car Wrap City get wrapped up with The Original Pancake House? Or rather, how did they become wrapped up by us? It was destiny for us to cross paths! We have a blast being an innovative leader in the automotive customization industry. But what does that have to do with their restaurant? Several of the vehicles wrapped by Car Wrap City are regulars at Cars and Coffee Dallas. The Original Pancake House just so happens to be a sponsor of Cars and Coffee Dallas. Like we said, it was destiny – a match made in pancake Heaven!

The newest wrap for The Original Pancake House is a full wrap. It was custom-designed by Car Wrap City’s designer Tatiana. After completion, the wrap was printed on Avery Dennison 1005 vinyl using a wide-format Mutoh printer. The next step to turn this Chevrolet Express van into a mobile billboard was to install the wrap. Each wrap is installed by a team of certified, professional in-house installers. We look forward to seeing this catering van delivering hot, fresh foods to hungry patrons all around for events both large and small!

Hungry for a new wrap of your own? Call, go online or visit one of our locations today for a free quote! We'd love to show you how we can turn your mobile billboard dreams into a reality!

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December 14, 2015