One of the Seven Deadly?

I’ve been thinking about the pride we have in the work that we do here at Car Wrap City. You always hear pride is one of the seven deadly sins. But it doesn’t really feel wrong to me to be proud of how our customer’s vehicles look when they leave our shop. 

Deadly sin? I don’t know. I figure pride can be either a virtue or a vice depending on whether it’s deserved. I look at other car wrap web sites and I see a lot of them use the expression “We pride ourselves on our work”. I’ve seen their work. No comment.

The bottom line is that it may be old fashioned and even corny. But we feel, not just contented, but truly fulfilled when we deliver a vehicle we’ve wrapped. We’ve got the best and most dedicated designers, printers, and installers. So I suppose, since our pride, our self-respect, is earned, it’s really justified.

But “We have justifiable self-respect in our work” just doesn’t have the same ring to it!

August 6, 2013