New Vinyl - Shifting Color Wraps!

The variety of vinyls offered in the market today has become extremely diverse, as have the manufacturers. We primarily use Avery Dennison and 3M materials because we believe they consistently deliver the most durable, high-performing vinyl, but our installers have experience working with many different brands and we're happy to special-order any unique vinyl color you have your eye on. You can choose a solid color, a metallic color with glitter flakes, or even a textured vinyl. And now, we’re excited to let you know you can also choose a wrap that changes color in the light.

Ferrari Wrapped with ColorFlow Vinyl, On Display at NorthPark Mall

We wrapped this Ferrari 458 Spider for the NorthPark Auto Show using a combination of ColorFlow Fresh Spring and Rising Sun vinyl.

Ferrari Wrapped with ColorFlow Vinyl, Back Bumper

Avery Dennison recently introduced its ColorFlow Series that gives you a handful of colors with just one wrap, and our installers and customers are already digging this vinyl option! It mimics the effect of a pearlescent paint, yet offers the same intriguing style as a satin finish – and offers better durability when it comes to scratches and damage.

Mini Cooper Color Change, Wrapped with ColorFlow Vinyl

This color-shifting wrap goes well with exotic cars like Ferraris, but we’ve also seen it shine on a daily driver like this Mini Cooper (wrapped in Avery Dennison’s Rising Sun vinyl). As light hits the car, the color shifts from red to gold and many colors in between.

If red and gold isn’t really what you’re looking for, you can choose vinyl that shifts with shades of silver and green, cyan and purple, blue and red, and gold and silver.

Toyota Tundra Color Change, Wrapped with ColorShift Vinyl

This Toyota Tundra was wrapped with Oracal’s Shift Effect Turquoise Lavender vinyl. The color has a great blend of blues and purples to give the vehicle a dimensional, bright look as it cruises down the streets.

This FJ Cruiser was also wrapped using one of Oracal’s Shift Effect vinyls - we love it because it seems to reminds everyone of the ocean!

FJ Cruiser Color Change, Wrapped with Blue Shift Effect Vinyl

We wrapped this Porsche Boxster using Oracal’s Cranberry Shift Effect vinyl, transforming the body into a rich mix of warm reds and oranges.

Porsche Color Change, Wrapped with Cranberry Shift Effect Vinyl

We source our vinyl from suppliers that are committed to constantly improving their material and pushing the boundaries of their vinyl lines. We love the new ColorFlow series and can’t wait to see it shine on more wrapped cars and trucks! We’d love to see it incorporated into a branded wrap as well – talk about catching your customer’s attention!

If you want to get a better look at the ColorFlow Series by Avery Dennison, come by Car Wrap City in Carrollton or Sherman and see how the color shifting vinyl looks in person. We’d be happy to help you decide on the best wrap option for your vehicle!

If you have any questions about the vinyls or are interested in learning more, give us a call at 877-819-7277.

October 26, 2016