Lora's Flowers: Chevy Express Cargo Van Partial Wrap - Wrap Steps

If you haven't experienced the wrap process first-hand, it may seem like an intimidating process. How can your ideas be translated into a giant mobile billboard, exactly the way you imagined, by someone else? Each and every "Cityzen" at Car Wrap City has been in your shoes – at one time or another we've all been new to wraps! After being properly introduced to the vivacious world of vinyl wraps, each one of us developed a deeper appreciation for the beautiful art that is a finished wrap. So now, we're here to introduce YOU to our world in hopes that you will become every bit as excited as each one of us is for your new wrap!

In order to walk you through the wrap process, we chose this vibrant, sensational wrap for Lora's Flowers to showcase each step of a client's experience - from initial design conception to installation.

The very first step in wrapping any vehicle is to contact us for a quote. We will gather all the information needed to work up a quote and talk to you about your ideas, vehicle coverage (full, partial or decals) and vinyl options.

Once you have a quote in-hand and decide to move forward, a deposit will set your project in motion and you will be connected with a designer.


Pulling ideas from a client's mind and creating a custom design for a vehicle is no easy task...  but 70+ years combined of experience helps. Car Wrap City's design team not only has decades of wrap design experience, but they are also talented photographers, sketchers, painters, sculptors and more – so there's definitely no lack of creativity in this art department! Your appointed designer will work with you on the design until you are completely satisfied and are ready to sign off on the official approval document.

Below: Since this wrap was created for a floral shop, the client wished to incorporate some of the different flowers offered in gorgeous, vibrant colors. There's plenty of pop with the pinks, yellows, oranges, greens, and purples.

Once approved, the artwork is sent over to our awesome production manager who prints the files on high-quality vinyl using a Mutoh wide-format printer. These printers must be supervised at all times as they are producing such large amounts of ultra high-quality graphics – quality control is top priority!

Once printing is complete the production manager sets up the prints to go through the laminator. Many of those "other guys" skip this step completely, which will actually bring the price of a wrap down BUT – and this is a big but – the quality and lifespan of your wrap also goes way down when lamination is left out. The extra layer of lamination not only dictates whether your wrap has a glossy or matte finish, but it also protects the integrity of the wrap, allowing for longer lasting, true color. Wraps with no lamination are likely to fade, crack, and peel off quickly.

Some wraps are ready for installation once they've undergone the print and laminate stages while others require a little more TLC. For those requiring additional attention, after the freshly printed and laminated wrap has had time to set, a process we refer to as "weeding" commences. For this wrap, pieces around the flowers needed to be weeded out as well as the plotted letters.

Now that it has gone through design, print, lamination, and weeding it is ready for installation by our certified install team. Our installers have magic hands when it comes to wrapping; they are top-notch, precise, and take great pride in their work.

As you can see, starting with your design ideas and getting to the finish line where your newly wrapped vehicle awaits takes quite a few steps.  We take great care in making sure your experience – from beginning to end – is a great one! If you ever have any questions, concerns, or would like to see where the magic happens before you choose to wrap with us, we encourage you to call and schedule an appointment to tour one of our facilities and speak with someone about getting your wrap project started.





Designer: Tatiana

877-81-Wraps – Car Wrap City – 877-819-7277

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March 16, 2015