KTEN NBC Honda CR-V Fleet Wrap

News-worthy stories are all around us. Sometimes we have to dig a little deeper to get the full story but there’s always something to report! News stories range from happy endings to tragedies and everything in between. There’s also weather, traffic, current events, politics and more! With so much news swirling around it’s no wonder we need reporters and anchors to get to the bottom of each story.

Each city has multiple news stations who report slightly varied takes on each event. One of the local networks providing coverage for North Texas and SE Oklahoma is Texoma KTEN - NBC. They cover all aspects of the news. To provide their viewers with real-time news coverage, the reporters need to be able to be mobile. Since they’re always mobile it makes sense to “broadcast” the network name on their vehicles. How do they do this? With vinyl wraps!

KTEN recently came to Car Wrap City for five new wraps on their Honda CR-Vs. Each vehicle received a full wrap designed by KTEN’s in-house design team. Car Wrap City recreated their design idea and printed the wraps using our top-of-the-line Mutoh printers and Avery Dennison 1005EZ vinyl. Once the printing and lamination process was complete, Car Wrap City’s certified installation crew set to work. The end result is a uniform fleet of matching vinyl wraps that look professional.

Do you have a fleet you’d like to see transformed into professional, eye-catching mobile billboards? Call, go online or visit one of our locations today to see how Car Wrap City can help!

April 11, 2016