It's Almost Open Season, Time to get Camouflaged

Open season is getting so close you can almost taste it! Are you ready? We mean…are you “really” ready??

Serious hunters know the importance of proper camouflage when on the prowl. If they don’t go big they might be going home empty-handed. It’s easy to dress the part from head to toe but what about the rest of your gear? Is the butt of your gun camo? Maybe it should be… Is your ATV camouflaged? Maybe it should be… What about your truck, is it decked out in camo?? We’re thinking it should be!

Getting your gear prepped for hunting with camouflage doesn’t have to be time-consuming. Instead of spending time creating a custom camo with spray paint or other means, why not get a wrap? Each vinyl wrap can be customized to suit your camo preferences. Also, you’re guaranteed it will look great! If you stick with the DIY paint projects…well, we can’t promise the colors won’t muddle together to make a big blob of brown.

Camo also doesn’t have to be expensive. If you have a serious love for camo of course it makes sense to get a full wrap! But if your vehicle is also used for business or you just don’t want a full wrap then camouflage accent pieces are a great solution.

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October 30, 2015