Honoring Our Veterans at the Veterans Day Parade

We donated this wrap to support our veterans in the Veterans Day Parade in downtown Dallas, Texas. This gray 2017 Jeep Rubicon got outfitted with American Flag detailing, the Air Force logo, and one of the veteran honoree’s war medals.

The car carried some pretty special cargo--Col. Slaughter, Air Force Veteran, Charles G, Air Force Veteran, and Danny B., Plant Ops Director and Navy Veteran.

The wrap was especially made to honor Colonel (Retired) Clarence Benton Slaughter, Jr. He is a 30-year Veteran of the Air Force that served in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. His medals of honor are featured on the side of the car. The medals are the Distinguished Flying Cross medal, awarded for heroism or extraordinary achievement in aerial flight, and 3 Legion of Merit medals, awarded for outstanding services and achievements.

We are so grateful to have been able to give back to our veterans in this small way. Thank you to PAM Rehabilitation Hospital in Allen, TX and Bonham Chrysler for partnering with us on this project and giving us this opportunity to honor the men and women that serve our country.

November 20, 2017