Happy Tubs, Happy Makeover

Homeowner “DIY” projects can either be really easy and turn out looking great or…if you’re not a natural handyman…can create a much bigger mess than you started with and end up being twice as expensive as hiring a professional from the beginning. Whenever you’re in doubt about the time, effort or difficulty of a project, it’s a great idea to set your pride aside and at least consult the professionals about what your job entails.

One project that can get out of hand in a hurry is bathtub restoration. There are plenty of DIY kits sold in stores that more than likely will get the job done decently but in many cases, the end result is pretty scary. This is one of those projects where it’s handy to call the experts.

Both Nissan NV service vans for Happy Tubs received a makeover to match the Dodge Ram previously wrapped by Car Wrap City.

Happy Tubs has seen it all – damage from aging, rusting, cracks in the base, holes, scratches and so much more. Instead of paying tons of $$$ to replace a damaged or worn bathtub, calling Happy Tubs will enable you to save both time and money! Not sure they’re all they’re cracked up to be? Check out their blog here to see tons of before and after pics of the many projects they’ve done. They use only the highest grade materials available for your repairs and refinishes as well as have impeccable attention to detail which ensures your job is done right the first time. They are confident in their work and offer a full 1-year warranty…you will have a “Happy Tub” – guaranteed!

The material used for the Happy Tubs partial wraps was 3M vinyl specially formulated for vehicle graphics. It was printed using one of our wide-format Mutoh printers.

While their specialty is focused on bathtub repair and refinishing, Happy Tubs is happy to offer additional services also such as: non-slip surfaces, bathtub cleaning and paint stripping.

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October 23, 2015