The Great Australian Food Truck Wrap

Having the time and financial ability to travel the world would be amazing. There are so many wondrous sights to see, experiences to endure, and memories to be made. Another exhilarating part of traveling outside your own country is savoring new foods. Each country has dishes specific to their own culture and many are delicious! Unfortunately, being a world traveler isn’t something everyone is able to do.

Have you dreamed of visiting the land down under? If you’ve been fortunate enough to visit, were you able to taste the Australian classic meat pie? If not, you’re in luck! There’s a company right here in Dallas who brings the taste of the land down under to your front door. The Great Australian Meat Pie Company takes pride in creating delicious Australian meat pies with an American twist. They have pie flavors from all over the world! As far as they know, they are the only one offering a real Vegemite Sandwich on Texas toast. It is their disclaimer that you will either love the Vegemite sandwich or hate it… Either way you have to try it.

Another great thing about this company is their ability to be mobile. That’s right…The Great Australian Meat Pie Company is housed in a food truck! Their gourmet pies can be found all around DFW and are able to be delivered to your special events. Be sure to check out their mouthwatering menu and good luck picking which pie to try first!

July 25, 2016