GMC Sierra 2500 HD for TornadoPod

How do you feel about being trapped inside a storm “tomb” after a tornado or other big storm rolls through? Doesn’t sound like such a great time, does it?

After a massive tornado hit Tuscaloosa, AL, in April of 2011 the wheels began turning for the creator of the TornadoPod. It was shocking to hear of the massive loss of lives due to this storm. It was also shocking to hear about the many people who became trapped after the storm passed. Some folks were trapped in their storm cellars for as long as 72 hours!! There HAD to be a better, safer way to ride out a storm. After the initial concepts and modifications, a brand new product was born. The US Patent was granted for the TornadoPod on March 4, 2014 and the first production run is in progress.

The TornadoPod takes a radical new approach to the traditional idea of a storm shelter. Using modern material science and an innovative design, it has been developed to fit into a 5 foot by 5 foot space. The “pod” incorporates a unibody construction, a steel safety cage and a ballistic shield. During a storm, occupants sit facing one another. They are able to rest assured they are secure under the safety cage and ballistic shield. The unibody design protects occupants from ground water, rain, insects, spiders and any other unwelcome pests.

If you have installed a traditional storm shelter you are aware of how costly it can be. Unfortunately, these shelters can also take up a ton of room! Traditional storm shelters have door hinges on one side and the door must be pushed out to open. Due to their design, they can make it difficult – if not impossible – to emerge after a storm. This is due to the heavy debris left behind, often on top of the door. Finding a solution to this issue was another goal achieved by the creation of the TornadoPod.

Instead of a hinged door to push out, the Tornado Pod offers a sliding hatch that can be easily opened. If for some reason this doesn’t work they've got you covered. The design incorporates an extra feature that allows the hinges to be released from the inside. This allows the movement of the hatch in many directions to exit the shelter.

So does a compact, easy to exit and cost-effective storm shelter sound like something you’re interested in? We thought it might be. Stay tuned to the TornadoPod website and Facebook page for updates on when you can get a TornadoPod of your own!

May 2, 2016