Four Types of Fleet Wraps for your Business

Whether you own a local or national business, you know how important and expensive advertising can be. What if your business could be advertised throughout the city every single day, for only a one-time cost? Here at Car Wrap City, we are uniquely equipped to handle multi-vehicle vinyl wrap branding of all types—the most cost-effective marketing tool out there! We know the tremendous impact that vehicle advertising can have on a business, we have seen it first hand.

Fleet wraps are a more dynamic way of marketing and are not limited to one location like most other techniques. Instead of paying monthly to advertise through signs or billboards, which have a limited reach, you can wrap your company’s vehicles with vinyl, giving you the ability to reach almost anywhere.

At Car Wrap City, we offer vehicle wrapping for large or small fleets. Whether you want to wrap your entire vehicle or just a section of it, we can do it all, and do it quickly. We have wraps for all kinds of vehicles and most importantly, all kinds of budgets.

Check out some of the top fleet wrap options that we offer!

  • Full: A full wrap covers the entire surface of your vehicle, which allows for the ultimate visual impact. Wrap your fleets with a full, on-brand vinyl wrap.

  • Partial: A partial wrap covers only a select portion of your vehicle. We design the wrap to work with your vehicles coloring, giving you the full wrap feel, without the full wrap price tag.

  • Spot: Spot wraps are great alternatives to a full or partial wrap. Brand your vehicle with a logo or company call to action.

Spot graphics branding the Best of Guide Mini Cooper.

  • Window: On a tight budget? Window wraps are a cost efficient and creative way to advertise. We print the graphics on perforated vinyl material that won’t impede visibility while driving.

Back Window Perforation, Advertising for Accent Marble!

It is our goal to provide custom and unique designs to ensure your fleets will stand out on the street.

Give us a call any time to learn more about taking your company’s vehicles to the next level with fleet wraps at 877-81- WRAPS. Or, click here to request a quote now!

September 13, 2017