Fat Boy Towing Inc. Wrap

Everyone that Fat Boy Towing, Inc. comes across is sure to be floored by the brand new look of this rig! Whether you’re viewing it from afar or you’re able to get up close and personal, this tow truck is sure to impress you with both the overall appearance and the tiny details that really make this wrap stand out.

The design’s end result evolved astronomically throughout the creative process. Initially, the wrap was only going to cover the sides of the cab and the side beds but Tam, the designer in charge of this project had other plans. Of course he designed a mockup showing exactly what the Fat Boy Towing crew had requested but he then took it upon himself to show what this wrap was truly capable of becoming. Once the initial designs were created Tam constructed an additional look that utilized the entire canvas offered by this massive truck and the outcome was phenomenal. The client was so impressed with his work he decided to upgrade from a partial wrap to a full wrap!

As our newest member to the design team, Tam had been itching for a project like this to come along. After tons of praise from everyone here at Car Wrap City for a design well done, Tam graciously thanked everyone stating “Seriously, from day one of starting with Car Wrap City I’ve been dreaming of designing one exactly like this!” We’re thrilled he’s had the opportunity to bring his dream to life and look forward to seeing what other creative works of art he’s got up his sleeve.



This bad boy Peterbilt wrecker was designed with every detail imaginable – from the tiny rivets throughout to the life-like vents – no detail was spared. Using our wide-format Mutoh printers, this design was carefully printed out on Avery Dennison vinyl wrap material and installed in the huge installation warehouse at our Carrollton facility.

Designer: Tam

Major thanks to Jordan Cole Photography for the AWESOME pictures! Jordan is available for those who are interested in having a photo shoot of their own – his prints are great to hang at home, the office, or to use for your business’ marketing needs. 

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April 16, 2015