Expect the Unexpected!

I’ve been telling people about the fact that Car Wrap City has one of the very best installer teams in the industry. It’s a combination of their talent, their attentiveness, their precision, and the investment we've made in their training. I expect them to deliver excellent results when they wrap a vehicle and they do—every time.  But there’s one aspect of these guys most people find totally unexpected—almost startling!

They’re relatively young—expected. Only a young person could contort themselves into the positions and spaces required to do a truly great wrap installation—or would want to.  They’re “inked” (as it’s called now)—expected. While these young men are bright and highly trained, wrapping a vehicle is, after all, a trade and they look like young men working in a trade do. They listen to music while they work—expected. Young people, if allowed, will have their favorite tunes on in the room when they work. Working as they do in an enclosed, climate controlled installation area away from the designers and customers, loud music is certainly expected. 

What I’m saying is that basically if you wandered into our installation shop, while you’d be very impressed with the precision of these guys, they’d be pretty much what you expected…with one huge exception.  Get ready for this one. That music they blare? It’s opera music. You read that right—opera! Go figure!


So when you pick up your vehicle from being wrapped here at Car Wrap City and it has an especially happy expression on its grill, don’t assume it’s just proud of its new outfit. It may also be that it really enjoyed the opera music!

August 17, 2013