Eating Royally - Chevrolet City Express Van Wrap for Darren McGrady

When your business is part of an ever-expanding industry, in this case vehicle customization, you truly never know which type of vehicle to expect next. We make connections with businesses that span every industry - from service repair, home building and pest control, to realty, race cars and famous sports teams. And then there are the rare dishes who walk through your doors…

Meet Darren McGrady – personal chef, professional caterer and cookbook author extraordinaire. You may think he’s one of a million other chefs here in Dallas but don’t be fooled, this man knows his way around a kitchen and can whip up a meal fit for a queen. And as a matter of fact, he has! Darren has held the title of Personal Chef for 15+ years, cooking for royals such as Queen Elizabeth II, the late Princess Diana, Prince William, Prince Harry and five US Presidents. After so much royal excitement, the kitchen he’s now settled into is here in Dallas, Texas.

As part of his business marketing strategy, Darren decided to invest in a customized vinyl wrap for his Chevrolet City Express Van. Not only does this wrap indicate his professionalism, it also works double-time as a mobile billboard everywhere he goes. There are several characteristics of this wrap, both obvious and subtle, that work together in this design. Of course the logo for his business “Eating Royally” stands out as well as the phone number and website, but did you notice there’s a silver spoon in the background? Silver spoons are often associated with those of a higher class who were born into wealth, like the Royal Family. You never know what little hidden gem Car Wrap City designers will work into their client’s artwork that might not be noticeable at first glance.

Desiger: Tatiana

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July 9, 2015