The Danger of Neglecting Your Wrap

You may find yourself wondering how important it really is to take care of your vinyl wrap once it's installed. Surely leaving dirt and debris on it until you make it to the car wash couldn't hurt it too much...right? Wrong!

Take a look at these two vehicles. The above photos show the vehicles freshly wrapped, and the photos below depict their current state. Now tell us, which do you think is the older wrap? It has to be the one which is faded, cracking, and peeling right? Think again...

The vinyl on the second vehicle was installed a little more than a year ago but without proper wrap care (like leaving it dirty for prolonged periods of time and using automated car washes with harsh bristles), it could easily pass for a wrap installed five or six years ago.

On the other end of the spectrum is a vehicle nearing two years since installation that still looks brand new. How is this possible you ask? Well, the answer is simple...keep it clean. Dirt and debris can wreak havoc on your wrap, just as the elements can damange your vehicle's clear coat and paint. Anytime we see this vehicle out on the road we notice it's always clean and well cared for, which will allow for a longer, more beautiful wrap lifespan.

As your go-to wrap expert, we can't stress enough the importance of proper vinyl cleaning and maintenance, which is why we send you home with a complete Wrap Care Kit once we've installed your vinyl wrap. A Wrap Care Kit includes a set of instructions for proper care, a sample of vinyl cleaning solution (one of our favorite products that is safe for wrap and paint, Aquanil) and a microfiber cloth to help get you started with a proper cleaning ritual. We offer a variety of wrap care products manufactured by Croftgate USA that will clean, seal and protect your wrap at both our Carrollton and Sherman locations.

Have more questions about keeping your wrap looking brand new? Read our blog post about caring for and cleaning a vehicle wrap.

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November 10, 2014