Custom Pontoon Boat Paradise Wrap

Why is it summertime always seems to disappear in the blink of an eye? It seems like just yesterday kids were out for summer break, vacations were being planned and time out on the water was an absolute must! Even though vacations are now a fond memory and school is back in full swing, there’s one thing we, as Texans, know to be true…warm temps won’t disappear until it’s time to party for Halloween! So, why would we consider this exciting? Because we can still get out on the water, that’s why! Weekends are great for mini-getaways and staycations on the lake, river, ocean...maybe even that big pond on your neighbors land (though you might want to ask permission first).

The full, custom-designed vinyl wrap on this boat is a creation by the talented Tam Nguyen.

So you might be thinking…isn’t September a little too late in the year to be taking a swim? Temperatures may drop slightly but who says you have to swim if you’re out on a boat? One of the great things about boating is there are so many different types of boats to choose from. Some are made just for water sports and racing around, while others are more suited to the laid-back and relaxed crowd. Speaking of relaxing, pontoon boats are GREAT for taking it easy and enjoying the day while on the water. Whether you’re rollin’ on the river or floating the lake – a pontoon boat is perfect for making waves and catching rays as you relax the day away.

Since we’ve already got you hip to the idea of taking it easy, take a peek at this gorgeous sunset design on a pontoon boat. Not that we needed a reminder of the island we’re not currently on and the long island iced tea we’re not sipping, but…we’re willing to bet the owners of this boat get pretty close when they’re out enjoying the fresh air and gorgeous sunsets dropping down across the water.

Before the wrap:

rear starboard side.JPG

The material used for this serene, dreamy design was Avery Dennison vinyl wrap material. It was printed using a wide-format Mutoh printer.

You know, it’s never too late to turn your boat into a personalized oasis…check us out online, give us a call or visit with is in person to see how a vinyl wrap may be just what you need to customize your toy and really make it your own. Cars, boats, planes and more…basically anything that will sit still long enough, we can customize for you!

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September 2, 2015