Cristina's Restaurant wraps and a Snack Wagon

Food – much like vinyl – comes in all shapes and sizes, and from multiple sources. With today’s technology, finding food can be as easy as picking up the phone or going online for delivery services or arranging for catering. Another fun way to forage for dinner or a snack is to seek out a food truck or dessert trailer. With so many options available to consumers, it is super important for businesses to focus on smart marketing tactics. But what exactly makes a marketing technique smart? Several factors!

The largest factor in a successful marketing campaign is the ability to get you noticed. If your current marketing isn’t drawing the attention of potential clients it’s already past time to reconsider your strategy. Another factor to consider is making sure you receive the biggest bang for your buck. Stationary ads such as billboards, printed ads and commercials require costly recurring revenue and depend solely on the right person being in the right place at the right time to see/hear what you have to say. On the other hand, vinyl wraps are a one-time cost and can be displayed anywhere you want, whenever you want. Which one sounds like the better deal?!

Two companies who recently reached out to Car Wrap City for adding some oomph to their mobile billboards drove away with the confidence of a marketing guru. Both custom-designed wraps are eye-catching as well as fit perfectly into their unique, individual budgets.

Before CWC wrap:

Van # 2 - 1.jpg


Van # 1 - 4.jpg

Two cargo vans – a Ford E150 and a Chevrolet – were designed to fit into the Cristina’s Fine Mexican Restaurant fleet with a look that goes above and beyond to represent the established brand. Cristina’s has been around more than 25 years and has built up brand recognition – as well as a hungry following – so it was important to create a design with a fresh, new look while retaining the old, familiar feel. With roots in central Mexico and down home Texas ties, Cristina’s offers a uniquely blended menu with Tex-Mex favorites and central Mexican dishes. Luckily for the DFW metroplex, these newly wrapped vans are a part of the catering fleet, so great food is available for all occasions.

Designer: Tam

Another spin on mobile cuisine is this Snack Wagon, which you’ll find at local baseball games, drag races, and any other outdoor sporting events. The owner wanted to keep it simple by adding only a small amount of colorful flair to really pop against the white paint. Included in the design is a fun hotdog character, the wagon wheel, one of their specialty items listed on the top and the menu. Like the wraps for Cristina’s, these decals were custom designed then printed out on Avery Dennison vinyl using a wide-format Mutoh printer.

Designer: Tyson

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August 12, 2015