The Cost of a Wrap

What does it cost to wrap a vehicle for your business? What is the value in wrapping?

Vinyl wraps aren’t exactly traditional advertising – but that’s exactly why you should consider one!

Traditional marketing avenues such as billboards, radio slots, primetime T.V. commercials and even newspaper ads start adding up quickly. Consider the fact that each traditional marketing strategy is also paid monthly and you’ll soon realize just how costly each impression can be. According to a study completed by Arbitron, Inc. in 2010, the cost per thousand impressions for traditional marketing can range from just over $3.50 to over $20. You wouldn’t believe what they listed the cost per thousand impressions for a vehicle wrap to be… $0.35! That’s right, a whopping $0.35.

Each vehicle you choose to wrap for your business instantly becomes a 24/7 high-impact mobile billboard. Imagine sending out an entire fleet of wrapped vehicles. Think about how many impressions you will be generating around-the-clock! People notice graphics…it’s that simple. Our eyes are drawn to bold images and bright colors. This is why it makes perfect sense to jazz up each vehicle you own!

So let’s get back to pricing – after all, that’s probably why you're reading this.

You’ve seen that a wrap will cost you .35 cents per thousand impressions, but how much is the initial investment? The average commercial vehicle wrap cost can range from $2,000-$5,000. At Car Wrap City, this price includes being paired with your own personal designer (and unlimited revisions), printing with the best printers and highest quality vinyl on the market (Avery Dennison and 3M), and installation by our Avery Dennison- and 3M-Certified Installers.

When you are shopping around for wrap prices, please ask questions! All wrap shops are not equal. If you are quoted low, ask them about the design fees – do they charge by the hour or tack on extra fees for more than two revisions? Find out what type of printers and materials they use, and if their installers are certified. Do your homework – and you will find you get what you pay for in this industry.

Our pricing is based on amount of square footage we’ll be wrapping. We also consider the condition of the paint, if cleaning is required, complex curves or unique areas that may require more install time, and if hardware removals are necessary.

On average, printed wraps last 4-5 years when properly cared for (though we’ve seen some aged 7 years with no problems!). When you consider the total cost of a wrap broken down to cost per month, the math starts to make even more sense. Let’s say you choose to wrap one company vehicle and the price is $3,600. If you keep the wrap on for 4 years before updating the look and re-wrapping it, the thousands of daily impressions you’re generating each month are costing you only $75. What other effective means of advertising costs so little while producing so much?

After learning so much about the impact vinyl wraps can have for your business’ marketing strategy, are you still wondering what the big deal is? Let’s recap…

  • Wraps are the least costly, yet most effective form of advertising in today’s market.
  • Wraps are a one-time investment and continually reach your target audience with little to no effort on your part.
  • Most wraps cost less than $80/month when you break down the total price over its lifespan.

If you’re asking yourself if you can afford a wrap, maybe you should instead ask if your business can afford not to wrap!

Ready to invest in your next mobile billboard? Call, click or visit one of our locations today to see how Car Wrap City can help you boost your sales with a wrap.

January 20, 2016