Comparing a New Paint Job with a Wrap

Consumer car wraps have become more and more popular in today’s auto world. While many moons ago a new paint job may have been the only option for car owners looking for a change, car wraps are continuing to take over into the 21st century. Looking to simply change the color of your vehicle? Car wraps are a great option. Looking for a custom design, mural or image on your vehicle? Car wraps can do that, too.

Properly cared for and professionally installed, a wrap can last five to seven years (and we’ve seen some last longer than that!). When it’s time for removal, you can either put in some elbow grease and do it yourself, or take the vehicle to a professional – and voila! You will find your vehicle’s paint finish in the same condition and color as the day you wrapped it.

Matte Black Wrapped BMW Front Quarter

All that being said, there’s one note we have to make to those interested in a car wrap: Car wrapping is an alternative to a new paint job, not a replacement.

We love making an outdated paint job look new again, but we may suggest a few extra surface-prep steps before wrapping if we notice damage on the clear coat, chipping paint, fading color or other body damage. Read our blog here on why paint is so important to a wrap shop.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, here are some great reasons why wrapping can be a great alternative to paint:

  • Cost: If you’re looking for a simple color change, the cost to paint a sedan averages $4,000. Wrapping the same size car in color-change vinyl will cost about $2,700. If you want to get creative and add a special design, the cost to paint can run you anywhere from $4,000 to $20,000 dollars. Since our vinyl wraps are primarily priced based on square footage, you can get as creative as you want without breaking the bank.
  • Maintenance: For most car enthusiasts, washing a vehicle at least twice a month is a must. When washing a vehicle that isn’t protected with a car wrap, you risk damaging the clear coat with the brush at the car wash or with small pieces of dirt stuck in the towel you use to dry it off. After the wash, the most important step in washing a car comes up: waxing it. Although the end product looks great, the process is long and tiring. With a car wrap, waxing will never be necessary. Of course there are preferred products you should use when cleaning a vehicle with a vinyl wrap, but you’ll find maintaining a wrapped vehicle is actually easier than maintaining a painted one!
  • Durability: Imagine you’re driving on the freeway and the car in front of you kicks back a small rock that slides on your hood - say hello to a hundred-dollar fix. You can also expect the car to be at the shop for at least two days. A vinyl wrap can protect your paint up against this type of scratch with ease. It also resists fading and oxidation. In the case of severe damage like a wreck, individual panels can be fixed in less than a day and repairing a wrap costs much more than repainting.

Matte Black BMW Rear Quarter

It’s safe to say that those three reasons are enough to consider wrapping a vehicle. But remember, good paint is important for a good wrap!

If you’re interested in hearing more about your options for a car wrap, contact us and let us know. We're happy to help!

October 14, 2016