Color-Change Wraps: What to Expect

Choosing a new color for your vehicle can be an exciting yet daunting task, especially when you begin to consider all the color possibilities. Not only are there hundreds of pre-made vinyl colors to choose from, but we can custom print any color of the rainbow as well.

Once you've chosen a color, you must then decide if you want a gloss, satin, or matte finish - which can be another difficult decision, but not impossible since they all look stellar once installed. It's important to also consider the door jams, the lip around the trunk, and any other small interior places that might expose the original paint color. Will the color you've chosen compliment the original paint, or will you want those areas wrapped too? 

So now that you're a little more familiar with what to expect when choosing a color-change wrap, here are a few more tips to consider:

  • Most images you see online are edited to enhance the brightness or vibrancy of the vehicle's coloring. Sunlight, shade and reflections can also alter a wrap's color appearance in a photo - not to mention, that photo can appear differently on each computer monitor or cell phone screen it is viewed on due to color settings.
    Bottom line: Don't expect a wrap to look exactly like a picture you find online.
  • Paint and vinyl are two different mediums with different chemical makeup and reflective properties. With the quality of printers and design resources we have, we are equipped to produce just about any color you can dream of. We can get really close to a specific paint color, in fact you may not even notice the difference - but there will always be a slight variance between a wrap and paint.
    Bottom line: Don't expect a wrap to completely match a specific paint color.
  • A color swatch looks different in the sunlight than it does under indoor lighting. Just like paint, you should consider how different types of light will play off the color of your vehicle when wrapped. Take a look at the Quick Silver Metallic swatch below. See how it changes based on inside lighting versus outside lighting?
    Bottom line: Make sure to take your swatch outside to see how it will look in sunlight.
  • A wrap certainly protects your paint and can cover certain things like road rash and minor scrapes, but the vinyl used for a color-change is made to hug each and every curve of your vehicle. This includes all the curves – even dents, patches, deep grooves, etc. put there accidentally.
    Bottom line: Don't expect a wrap to hide body damage.
  • One of the beautiful things about a wrap is that it can be removed and replaced in a matter of hours (in most cases). A wrap costs a fraction of a paint job, and takes less time and money... so you have the option to be change your mind. Removing and re-wrapping is a lot easier than repainting, but it still takes time and money. So, give ample thought to the vinyl you approve.
    Bottom line: Sleep on it; don't make hasty color choices.


Having a color-change wrap installed is one of the easiest ways to freshen up the look of your vehicle. A vibrant wrap installed over your current paint will completely update the look of your vehicle, and might leave some people wondering if you've bought a brand new car! Call Car Wrap City today at 877-819-7277 and set up a time to check out all the color options we have available for your vehicle.

October 15, 2014