Client Spotlight: Coaster Pedicab

Whether you are looking to add some novelty to your business or provide entertaining transportation for tourists and locals alike, Coaster Pedicab has got you covered.

Coaster Pedicab specializes in the production of pedicabs (definition: a small pedal-operated vehicle, serving as a taxi in some countries), cargo trikes, promo trikes, beer trikes and spare parts. Customers are able to purchase fully equipped, ready-to-use pedicabs with a variety of popular features along with maintenance kits for when unexpected accidents cause a bump in the road. The company offers some more creative options, too, like the Lux Pro Model which comes equipped with LED Lighting, rain-fly (for those cold, wet nights) and arm rests for maximum comfort.

If you are looking to get your brand out to a targeted audience, Coaster Pedicab offers advertising and marketing services through its media management agency, Pedicab Outdoor. It provides premium exposure for clients like Pepsi and Wells Fargo, along with additional business management software that is available to facilitate tedious tasks in pedicab operations.

Need proof? Check out some of their promotional trikes showcasing the unique flair your company needs to stand above the rest. The Corona pedicab comes equipped with the classic beer in a bottle that is over 10 feet tall!

Luckily, Car Wrap City is an expert in advertising vehicle wraps throughout the state of Texas, and we recently teamed up with Coaster Pedicab to wrap its latest round of pedicabs in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Watch out for the new Miller Lite promotional vehicle wraps cruising through downtown Fort Worth this year on pedicab coasters, courtesy of Car Wrap City!

We are always proud to provide vehicle wraps for a company that provides a unique and entertaining service to the community in DFW!

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February 10, 2017