Build Your Brand with a Printed Vinyl Wrap

What if we told you there's an innovative way to create brand recognition for a reasonable price that won't drain your entire marketing budget? Would you think us crazy? Just keep reading and you'll see what we're talking about...

All companies have a unique opportunity to blow the doors wide open on their marketing strategy using one simple idea that unfortunately many do not utilize. Each company, from the smallest mom-and-pop shop to the big boys of the Fortune 500 world has something (or many things) in common...the one we're most interested in is – of course – company vehicles. Do you drive a vehicle to and from work every day? More than likely you do which means you have the makings for creating a mobile billboard.

Making a bold statement via mobile marketing isn't limited to fleet vehicles only. If you love where you work and want to get the word out or maybe you're an entrepreneur and are ready to announce your business endeavors to the world, then a custom-designed vinyl wrap is your savvy solution. There's no sense in paying high prices for a custom paint job (and then having it repainted if you want to sell the vehicle later) when you can make the more sensible decision to wrap. Vinyl wraps are great for companies because they're not a permanent solution. Businesses change names, logos, and marketing directions all the time which means adjustments need to be made on their commercial vehicles as well – if you have a wrap those changes can be a cinch!

Take a peek at some of the recent commercial vehicles Car Wrap City has produced and see for yourself the difference a business wrap can make in transforming an average, mundane vehicle into something that will demand the attention your business deserves!

Full wrap on a 2014 Subaru Forrester using Avery 1005 vinyl wrap material. Designer: Tyson

Other designs provided:

faulkner dr3.jpg

faulkner dr2.jpg

Full wrap on a 2015 Dodge Ram Crew Cab using Avery's vinyl wrap material to represent three local radio stations – KLBC 106.3, KBBC 99.7, and KSEO 94.1! Wraps are great for co-branding and allow for changing up sponsor info when needed.

Full wrap on a 2013 Ford E350 15-Passenger Van using Avery's vinyl wrap material. This wrap was designed especially for taking part in the SXSW shenanigans in Austin this year!

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April 7, 2015